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Fisher Paykel scratch & dent or new Café induction range--same price

last year

I can get an induction Fisher Paykel right now that has minor cosmetic damage for almost exactly the same price as I would pay for ordering a new Café induction range. (In the past we've bought lots of appliances in this scratch and dent category and have always felt that the minor cosmetic imperfections have been worth the money we have saved.) I have read the long thread about the backlog in getting Café appliances but am not overly concerned because we really don't need this range for six months or so. Cafe has a one year warranty, and FP has a two year warranty, so even if I got the FP right now and it sat in the box for the first six months, I'd still be ahead on warranty coverage.

I have read a gazillion reviews of the Café ranges, but reviews on FP are pretty few and far between. Café has some mixed reviews, but they are mostly positive. The few FP I can find are all positive.

I absolutely love the deluxe pull out oven racks on the FP. They are so much better than those on the Café. And, it has triple paned glass in the door to prevent heat escape, so my kitchen will stay cooler; this is important to me.

My major concerns with the FP are (1) the small size of the oven cavity (3.5 cu ft) and (2) the fact that the largest induction burner is 8.25" vs 11" on the Café. (I measured the larger size fry pans I use most often, and their bottom diameter is about 9.5".) In your opinion would either of these concerns be deal breakers? Maybe I am overly concerned about these because I always used to cook for a family and am used to thinking about needing larger space and size. Now, however, it is just the two of us, and realistically 95% of the time I will just be cooking for two.

I will be paying nearly the exact same amount whichever route I go. But, I am also wondering if perhaps I am letting myself be deluded by the theoretical cost savings I would realize on the FP (around $1200). Because of that cost differential, am I skewing my thinking and convincing myself that FP is a better quality brand than the Cafe? I know FP is now trying to compete with the higher end brands. Whether the quality is there though I don't know.

What do you think? Thanks.

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