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Recommendation for Easy to Clean 36 inch All-Gas Range?

4 years ago


I am one of those anal retentive researchers who look for years before I buy anything and, when it comes to purchasing major appliances, it's even worse. I can never make a decision. I have been looking for a free-standing 36 inch all-gas range for some time now and I can't make a decision. I am hoping to get some expert advice here at houzz.

I know that restaurant quality pro-style ranges are all the rage these days. For me, my eyes glaze over. They are big and chunky and the thought of having to lift and move those 30 pound cast iron grates in order to clean the stove top every day isn't something I want to do. Recently I checked out inexpensive ranges like Thor and NXR to more mid-level ranges like Bluestar and Bertazzoni to the more expensive ranges such as Wolf, Viking, and Thermador. Based on price alone I would buy the Thor TKG3601U. But again, those heavy cast iron cooking grates. Furthermore, I don't want to buy a lemon. Even with purchasing a 5 years extended warranty one of my criteria is 1) It must be reliable and care-free. I want it to run like a Toyota Camry. Also, Consumer Reports has issues with almost every one of the ranges I was looking at.

I often think of my current, cheap $500 Premier stove that came with my rental apartment. When I called Premier for replacement burners and they asked me for my model number I was surprised to find out my stove was more than 20 years old. I've never liked the fact that it was flimsy and dented and rusting in places but I never had an issue cooking with it. My roommate is a chef at one of the best restaurants in the world, Per Se, and she doesn't have a problem with it either. But now that all the burners burn unevenly, the metal around the burners has burnt away over the years, the enamel surface is scratched and is a pain to clean, the over door creaks and doesn't close all the way, the cook top is sagging, and the rust is starting to take over, yes, I need a replacement and an upgrade. Even so, the oven has served me well after all of these years. Check out the bread I made last week. It's not the stove that cooks, it's the cook that cooks.

The other stove I think about often is my mother's Thermador cooktop. It's just a cooktop but, wow, the grates are light and easy to move and the sealed burners are surrounded by seamless glass. It's just a breeze to clean. Why can't anyone make a free-standing gas range with the cooktop that is this simple? It's a minimalist masterpiece. So criteria number 2) The cooktop must be easy to clean. This is, perhaps, the most important thing I'm looking for.

Also, 3) I do NOT want anything digital on my range. Why would anyone? It's difficult enough making a reliable stove and having digital anything on it only compounds problems the stove may have in the future, problems the 5 year warranty won't cover once the warranty ends. I don't want to have a clock, a thermometer, or any digital readouts of any kind.

I do not want dual-fuel. 4) It must be an all-gas 36 inch range. 5 burners or 6 burners? It doesn't matter to me. I do not want a griddle.

The following are "bonuses" but they are not deal breakers if they don't have them:

1) Infrared broiler

2) Storage for cookie sheets, etc.

3) Convection fan (I'm iffy on this as the fan can easily become clogged with grease, overheat, and stop working.)

4) Oven racks on rollers

5) Self-Cleaning

And what's my price range? I would say up to $5,000 maximum. Of course, if there is a terrific all-gas range for much cheaper than this, all the better.

So please, all of you kitchen experts at houzz, will you help me out with recommendations? I would appreciate it so much.

Thank you,

David Hunter

Happy Baking...

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