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Make new wood floor look old? Wide plank wood floor.

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

In your opinion what would be the *most economical* way to achieve an antique looking wide plank floor.

  • Open to wood types
  • Open to solid vs. engineered
  • Wide plank meaning ~9inch planks, but also open to other sizes
  • Stain preferences tend to fall in the "English Chestnut" color way, but willing to go a tad lighter/warmer. Right now we have Minwax EC on top of antique pine floors which I think warms the color a touch and we really like it. Basically something not too warm, not too cool, with an overall medium tone.
  • Added some photos at bottom of styles we like but aren't necessarily attached to.

Neither of us like the modern narrow plank glossy wood floors. Those look like plastic IMO. I want something that will look and feel like wood floor underfoot. I like looking across an old floor and seeing the wood grain, seeing the nails, seeing the variation and even slight warping of the planks, the random and odd gap here and there, etc. Character and personality is what we are after! Imperfection is perfection. Our motto for many things in our home is to buy things that will look better with use -- Any "dings" will only add to the character... not stand out like a sore thumb.

We both have a soft spot for antique homes. Our first choice would be to buy an old home a fix it up, but we may not have that opportunity and may be forced to build. If we build we will try our best, within our means, to build a house that doesn't look brand spanking new. Obviously salvaging and old floor would be ideal, but from what I understand (and maybe I'm misunderstood?) is hardly the most economical option... so trying to explore what other options we might have.

And before the pros gang up on me... Please note that I didn't say "cheap" - I said "most economical." There is a difference! How do we get the most bang for our buck here?

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