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Why won't my architect let me choose windows?

last year

I met with an architect (recommended by my builder) to draw a 2-story contemporary detached garage, gave her my hand-drawn graph paper ideas (my mom was an interior designer), and I thought we were pretty much of one mind. Then she gave the project to one of her staff, who has never even seen my property. Many of the things I had talked about with the architect are drawn totally differently, and I don't understand at all why she changed the windows/how they chose them for me.

They originally drew casement windows, which will not work with our high winds. But the replacements are squarish, and crammed together, and I don't know why...

I feel like they're upset that I've asked them to put things back the way I originally asked for... and that is counting against my allotted time? Am I really expected to just fork $ over and let them build a cookie-cutter suburban ranchy-style garage that doesn't match the house?

I've found more things that are not the way we agreed... but am hesitant to talk to them again. On the other hand, we need to keep this project rolling.

I've never hired an architect. But as this is going to be a $200K job, I want it to be right. Is it me? Or is this the way things work?

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