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what's under old wallpaper? what do I do with it? drywall pros- help!

3 years ago

Mold, for one. Then there are the expected several layers of paint. Then there is the aqua colored horizontal strip that was under the bottom edge of the paper on two walls that is slightly tacky and wrinkly in some spots. What is this stuff? I can't imagine it should stay up but it tears off the drywall paper. Curse you, 1970's decorators!

I want to lower the chair rail and repaper the top. The paint thickness from top to bottom is dramatically different, and the texture (smooth on top, sand on bottom) so a skim coat seems in order for the paper to look nice. But over moldy drywall? It's just a half this got so moldy is beyond me. The paper peeled right off, I suppose moisture trapped between vinyl and a smooth or glossy paint after it was installed decades ago.

How do I fix this- not just make it look good but make it right so I don't have to worry about mold or what I can't see?

how about those colors?

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