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I really detest removing old wallpaper

11 years ago finger nails are down to the quick as I have just

finished removing the worst glued down bathroom wallpaper

nightmare of my life. But I am done. Yippppieeeeee!!!!!!

Now I really need the Home decor gurus to help me out.

This is an UGLY bathroom. Prepare yourselves for YUCK!

I posted over here in Decor as I am not changing the hardstuff.

I have no idea what to paint the bathroom walls.

This is an upstairs extra bath that 3 kids sometimes use.

Ages 17, 15, 12

I do not want to invest much money in this space until the

youngest is a senior in HS. Give me 5 more years to deal

with what is here.

Things that have to stay.

-hideous 90s white 4 by 4 white tile. I can not afford to

replace it right now. And I lack the talent.

-Cabinets stay but I could gel stain, paint or keep them as is.

-Floor tile needs to stay.

-Fixtures, toilet, sinks, tub need to stay

Things I can change...

-wall color (no wallpaper)

-light fixture,



-theme. We used Scooby doo but now that I have teens

I prefer no themes with a "pot head" kind of feel.

: )

Here is my before Pic help me make this an after. One thing to

keep in mind my daughters use this bathroom to sometimes

put on make up which means a good color for skin tone might

be a good option. Although, who the heck cares, anyone

under 60 looks fantastic in any color. To have that skin,

natural pink lips and perfect eyelashes. Heck we can paint

this room a puke green and all teens would still look

great. Oh to be youthful again but with the intelligence

to appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. I REALLY mean this, Thanks so much to

all on GW for all the help.


Ps. forgive the grime in these images. I did not clean

since taking down the wallpaper. This will come later.

Along with resealing tiles etc..

Yup there is a pocket door. This come in handy because

there is only one other bathroom these teens share and

three are good at fighting. Pocket door means one

can be in the shower while the other is drying hair.

Floor tile, The grout is actually a light gray for some

reason it looks taupe or beige. Not so. Very gray

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