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What are your rose plans for 2021?

Every year we make plans to improve our rose gardens. We might plan to take out some of the poorly performing roses. We might plan a different care regimen from last year. Myself, I hope to give my roses a better nutritional program. Based on StrawChicago's recommendation, I'm going to give them more potassium to try to stave off the thrips. Based on Kenneth's description of his fertilizing plan, I'm going to try a combination of milorganite, and fish emulsion, and do better at giving them food more regularly. I don't know if I will go as far as to make a fermenting brew of alfalfa, epsom salts, and other ingredients that I've read about on this forum, but I'll think about it. I'm also going to try to be more preemptive about the thrips. Sonia Rykiel rose is on the chopping block for an absolutely horrible summer appearance last year, but I'm going to give her a bit of a chance first. I'm going to trial only two new roses this year (in pots). What plans do you have? What changes are you going to make?

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