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Hi, Rose Friends, What 2021/2022 Roses Did You Order? UPDATES…

3 years ago
last modified: last year

Hi, Rosarian Friends, (I am zone 6, NY)

What roses did you order for spring 2021 and from what nurseries ? What are your rose garden plans? Color designs? Favorite types? Kordes, Meilland, David Austin, Old Garden Roses?

Please your country, state, & plant zone?)

A few of my new roses I just ordered for spring 2021...

UPDATE: AND NOW IT’S 2022…. look for new roses orders at end of thread…..

My 2021 Orders:

Wedding Bells HT, Heirloom Roses

Bonica, Bush rose, Heirloom Roses

Pomponella Fairy Tale, by Kordes, a polyantha

(small roses, possibly 4-7 ft bush)

from “Roses Unlimited”

More of my new roses I ordered later.... I ordered 29 roses so far for planting this spring.. Update-2021 I ordered 50 roses.

2022 spring I ordered 27 roses do far…. My ordered favorires are near end of thread right now….NIRPs, Kordes, Reminiscents, Amazing Grace, Mme Dubost, more OGRs and so nuch more….

Happy Gardening !


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