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Network printer problem

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I have two network printers and am having trouble getting them to work properly. One, a Canon MP2300, is in my basement office, and the other, an HP MFP M28, is in my wife's art studio. When she is using her Mac laptop, she keeps getting messages that the Canon is out of paper (which it is not); those messages block her screen and won't go away. My solution is to power the Canon off. Both printers are also scanners, and both are enabled on both our computers.

You might ask why we have two? Well, that's historic. The Canon is older, but it's color and does double-side printouts. She bought the HP (a B&W laser printer) when the Canon was still in my work office. It also has a double-side feature, but it's manual and doesn't seem to work properly.

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