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Friday Night Music FNM Dance Party!

2 years ago

Since we can't have in person parties, I thought it would be a good idea to have a virtual dance party. I suggested this to Maddiemo, and she told me to go ahead and post it.

So, bring your records and party music, and let's have a party!

Dance can be anything from jitterbug/boogie-woogie to tango and twist to ska and swing, and beyond. Also, anything that says "party" to you, from sock-hop to rave, etc.

I hope this party last all week-end!

"If you ain't got a mistah, I'll dance wit' ya...":

I first heard this song in Rome in 2016 at the coffee shop/restaurant below the hotel where I was staying, a block and a half from the coliseum, and so it reminds me of there.

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