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Hardwood floor refinish without sanding. Is it possible?

3 years ago

Hi all!

My husband and I are tackling a few changes in our first home, and of course we are newbies in home remodels.

We changed the colors of the walls in our living room as you can see here from green to white and gray.

My Project · More Info

My Project · More Info

The other item that is bothering us a bit is this reddish brown floor. The hardwood is in really good shape actually, but this reddish is throwing us off. We’d like to get it to be a dark brown finish, with possible grey/black undertones instead of the red.

We don’t want to get it fully sanded to preserve the hardwood, if possible.

I’m looking for expert opinions to see if there is any way we can have this done, or do it ourselves, refinishing it darker without fully sanding it.

I appreciate any help!! Thanks!!!

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