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Is brightly-colored iridescent glass tile "too much" in the bathroom?

3 years ago

We're getting started on a new home build, and I came across this ocean/beach themed shower that I think is just amazing.

When traveling, we've stayed in a few rooms that had a darker-colored iridescent glass tile - one had darker shades of brown and gold with LED "stars" that were embedded in the ceiling, and it was very dramatic - but nothing this "bright."

While bathrooms with unusual and visually-interesting details are fun on vacation, I worry that it might be too novel and just a little over the top. I do love the beach though - the other pic is our current bathroom, which has the same tile pattern on the side of the tub on the wall in the shower, and the same pebbles on the floor that are on the tub deck, for comparison.

I like the spa-like and calming atmosphere in our bathroom. Maybe just the glass tile in the shower and nowhere else?


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