New Apple Crumble -- I did *start* with a recipe!


I didn't think anything of it, while making the dinner, when I found I didn't have any non-frozen parmesan and substituted 2/3 as much pecorino romano.

But I didn't think I'd have time to make the apple pie that had been languishing as half a dozen medium sized apples (galas and sweeties). They're a bit sweet for pie, but that's what I had. I put a lot of lemon juice in; I think my lemons are bigger and juicier than what was called for, but it was perfect with the sweet apples. Since I thought I didn't have time, I didn't make crusts. It's way too warm here to not chill the dough. So, having more time than I thought, and no pastry, I figured I'd make a crumble. Being beyond thought, I looked up a likely recipe with a flour based topping--sort of straddling the streusel/nutty, crisp/crumble fence.

Great. Simple recipe. But I thought I'd just break up the pecans into the bowl rather than chopping such a small quantity. I did test one as usual. It was fine. But as I was more than half finished, I noticed....larvae. The eggs must have been in the nuts when they were packaged. So I got the next package out and took a good look through the bag. I can't say for sure either way. It could just have been nut crumbs, but I tossed it. I didn't see any problem with the other nuts, but there wasn't enough time to deal with almonds or hazelnuts, which are so much harder, and I didn't want to use pistachios. (No, I don't have any walnuts.)

That's when I went entirely off page. It hurt having to dump 1.5 cups of flour and a cup of brown sugar. Inspiration: I have too many oats! (I didn't think of that when choosing a recipe.) I'd seen proportions from measuring out the recipe. So I dumped some oats in a bowl, melted a stick of butter, threw in a few handfuls of brown sugar, a pinch of salt, a small amount of ground cloves, some more oats, and four pocket packets of trail mix (no candy in them). It was awesome! I mean really awesome. Much better than just pecans, though there were some in the mix. And dried cherries, raisins, etc., seeds, and other nuts. The nuts were soft enough from being stored with the dried fruit. I worried a little that the fruit might be too sweet, but not so! It was just really good! !!!!!!

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Sounds delicious! How creative you were to think of adding trail mix to the topping.

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I’d hate tossing the nuts more than I’d hate tossing the flour and brown sugar! but we were on the same wavelength last night. I have bags of my early apples that need to be used and set out to make a crisp last night. I used apples and then added a pint of my frozen blackberries... then decided to kick it up a notch by adding some homemade cranberry sauce. My topping was oats, butter, brown sugar, and sliced almonds, with some cinnamon.

Every now and then, I make dessert for dinner and that was it for last night — with some sharp cheddar cheese. The combination of fruit was perfect! I was impatient to try it and took some while it was still too hot, so the juices ran, but wow, it was good! :)

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What a good idea to add the trail mix. I don’t usually keep packets of this but thanks to reading your invention my mind turned to adding a small amount of fruit mix (I use this for fruit cake) to a crumble topping. Fruit mix usually has raisins, sultanas, currants, cherries and mixed peel. Looking forward to trying.

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Fun2BHere, I have pullouts in my pantry cabinet. Recently, I organized them. The trail mix was just sitting there insouciantly, looking more promising than the hazelnuts. Basically, they volunteered!

PM, that sounds awesome! Re the nuts, they were goners, c'est la vie. And maybe it's good that I didn't chop them, so I noticed the invaders. But if I had been stacking them on the cutting board right in front of me, rather than putting them in the bowl with the pristine flour and sugar, if I'd done a mise en place, rather than measuring right into the bowl, if something!, I wouldn't have had to throw it all out. That's what gets me. Even though staples are easily available now.

Neely, your fruit mix sounds lovely! Should be a great addition to your crumble. The packets of trial mix are great for going to trade shows and big meetings, where there may not be time for a meal, but the energy is flagging. And for hiking, of course. :) Not doing any of that, now, so had more than a whole bag of them. ;)

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