Crumb topping for fruit pies


Does anyone have a crumb topping recipe that would work on a fruit pie. The few I have tried just dissolve into the filling.

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Streusel topping works on a crumble. Maybe your oven is too hot? Instead of starting at 425° F, try 375° F?

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Islay Corbel

Crumble topping doesn't fall into the fruit. To 10oz plain flour, rub in 6oz butter. You can do this by hand or machine. Then stir in 6 oz sugar, whatever type you feel goes best with your fruit. You can sprinkle that as is onto your fruit and bake 30 mins. Or, you can add a couple handfuls of porridge oats, some spices, whatever you fancy.

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Cup of flour, cup of brown sugar, cup of rolled oats, half cup butter and cinnamon to taste....or ginger...or both...or a bit of vanilla.
I make double the recipe in the cuisinart with the plastic blade and keep it in the freezer.

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I have not tried this but have been thinking on a peach pie or maybe apple to put half a box of yellow cake mix and dot well with butter and bake. Even with some nuts on it. At my age I am looking for easier ways to do things. It would be the crispy type topping like on a dump cake.


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