Common Ground Fair online - for the agriculturally inclined


Indirectly but definitely food related.

One of the institutions left over from the back to the lander movement is the Common Ground Fair. Started by clearly more pragmatic idealists than my artistic family.

It is usually a three day madhouse where 60-70,000 people attend. Think old time agricultural fair only organic. Lots of interesting lectures and demonstrations as well. Food, music, animals, artists and craftsmen. The event itself is enjoyable but I always dreaded the getting in and out part.

Anyhow this year because of Covid it has moved online. Albeit a bit shakily. But for anyone who is interested in agriculture - you can ‘attend’ online via YouTube or Facebook. I listened to John Bunker discussing heirloom apples and a discussion about wood lot management.

Here is the schedule - it only shows Friday but hopefully tomorrow’s will be up soon....

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