I'm Yeast Rich Now


Finally decided today to visit the the store our fire station buys all the supplies for our fish fries. They carry the Marion Kay spices and breading that our guys use. Well, they carry the yeast I like in two pound packages so I bought two for the freezer. Okay, go ahead and have another shortage, I'm ready. The next time I go I'll take the time to check out everything they carry in bulk. And as I was leaving, my fire chief was coming in so I got whacked on the head with a small sheaf of papers. What a way to say hi.


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Thanks for the reminder. I have the little 4 oz jar that I was able to find, bought two and have opened the second one. I'll want to start paying attention again - 'just in case', and with cooking weather coming. I'll add yeast back to my list....

I'm glad you're set for lots of lovely baked things.

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Hooray for you, Madonna, that ought to last a really long time! That whack in the head was just a "love tap", as Grandma used to call it, LOL.

Of all the shortages we have experienced I'm just really, really glad I never ran out of yeast or flour! And, like you, I just bought 2 pounds of yeast for the freezer. I still have lots of wheat berries for grinding, so I can always bake bread.


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So happy for you! I went into a bit of a panic when I could not find any yeast, but fortunately I have plenty now - at both houses. I've become a bit absent-minded when baking bread lately, however, but I do consider that to be a passing trend - I've been absent-minded in the past as well.

Now you just have to make sure that you can always have flour. For a while, that was difficult for me to find, but I hope those days are over. I have a supply of wheat berries in L.A. for grinding and a good supply of whole wheat flour in the desert, where I have more freezer storage space.

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I just stocked up - a pound of yeast and 50 pounds of Sir Galahad (KA all purpose). Now I need just need rain so I can use my outside WF oven.

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