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Workstation sinks? Size? Brand?

3 years ago

Looking for feedback regarding undermount, offset-drain, workstation sinks, as part of a kitchen renovation.

1 - Size? This would be the only sink in the kitchen. It's not uncommon even with our current sink for someone to be at the sink (rinsing dishes, washing pots that won't fit in a dishwasher, etc.) and for someone else to want to use the sink at the same time to get water, etc. I've spoken with a few KD's, and it seems that the majority think a 24" sink would be plenty large, and I can say even right now, our current sink (which is a 30" across from inside left to the inside right at the top) isn't large enough for us. I met with another KD recently, and indicated that I've been eyeing a particular workstation sink online - a 33" sink that requires a 36" sink base. The KD gave me a lot of push back, saying that's too large, I don't need it, and that it would make it difficult to center the sink under a pair of windows, and make it "difficult" to properly fill the space between the right side of the sink cabinet to the corner of the kitchen. Frankly, I'm not so sure I need the sink and the faucet to be perfectly centered on the framing where the two windows meet, because if I'm standing right at the dead center between the two windows, I'll be staring at wood framing, rather than looking out the center of either window, but I do want to plan the cabinetry efficiently. So - for those folks who have a single sink in the kitchen, and no other rinse/utility sink in the common-use space on the same level of your home - what size sinks do you have, and do you wish it was larger or smaller, or is "just right"?

2 - Brands? I know I've seen some posts from folks who adore Havens Metal and Rachiele. However, I need to stay within a fairly tight budget - and spending thousands on a sink can't happen. Some of the sinks I am considering:

Ruvati 33" workstation sink

Kraus 32" workstation sink

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