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Fall Theme Seed swap

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Welcome to this year’s

Fall Theme Seed Garden

#1 post a list of up to 5 theme gardens you have or want to have. ex: patriotic, cottage, moon garden, herb garden and so on.

#2 please place seed pkts gathered for each specific player in a ziploc marked with their name. No seeds older than 2018.

#3 send stamps or $ to cover return shipping. I will also accept paypal as long as you select friends and family to avoid fees.

#4 please inclose your screen name, full name and address in your pkg.

#5please no pre paid postage stickers some times they will not accept them.

#6 Let’s have fun with this one!

Deadline for seeds is Sept.30th

#7 Please post list of themes as you sign up so others can pull their seeds to send in for you.

#8 I will private message everyone my address to send to. Please have to me by Sept.30th.

#9 Any seeds sent in bulk or with no name will be considered bonus and will be split among players.

#10 Any Questions- Please either comment or private message me.

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