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For Information Only - Theme Garden Seed Swap

9 years ago

I am not ready to take sign ups. This is for information only and to see if my time frame will suit those who usually participate in this swap.

I am willing to be hostess for the theme garden seed swap if we can do it in the fall. Things just get too busy for me as it gets closer to Christmas and since I love to winter sow I prefer to have my seeds in hand before Jan. 1st. Let me know if that is okay with you or if it is too early. (If that's too early, I'll bet someone else might be willing to host it a bit later.)

My time frame would likely be to start taking sign ups around the 4th week in September and I would need you to mail your seeds to me by mid-October. The seeds would get sorted and get mailed back to you - perhaps by late October or definitely by early November. What do you think?

I have been hostess of this swap a few times as have Micyrey and Drippy. It's lots of fun! Each person lists five themes for the seeds they would like to receive for their garden. Themes have been very creative in the past - music, fairy, animal names, eat your veggies, herbs, moon garden, red/white/blue etc. You can look back at some of the previous theme garden seed swaps: there was one in Jan.-Feb. 2014 with seeds harvested in 2013 (and likely 2012 since I believe we always allow the seeds to be dated a year earlier). The swap goes back for many, many prior years.

I have been harvesting my seeds lately so that brought this swap to mind. If we move forward with this, I will post the heading for sign ups later on closer to the end of September.


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