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NEW: Now Time to Sign up for the 2014 Theme Garden Seed Swap

9 years ago

It's time to join in...

Do you have a theme garden? Do you want to have a theme garden? Then this seed swap is for you! Drippy (Kim) began this annual swap in 2006 (if not earlier) and many join every year and really enjoy it. I have been hostess for it before and it's lots of fun. There will be more rules to follow and some information that will be sent to you by e-mail, but here are the main points. Most of the rest of the information involves how to designate who the seeds are for, the mailing envelopes, return postage, etc.

What's a Theme Garden:
Some people build gardens around certain themes. For example, an herb garden is a theme garden. A theme garden can be based on color (all white, all red, etc.) A theme garden might reflect the size of the plants (giant, small), the growing conditions (hot and dry, cool and moist) or it might just be fanciful - Mystery Garden, Musical Garden, Fairy Garden, or it might be a garden where the plants have animal names, etc. People who join in are very creative as are those who send in seeds based on the themes. If your intent is not obvious from the name, explain it a bit when you post.

Signing Up:
To join in, list your themes below (5 themes per person only.) Then, using e-mail, you must send me your real name, GardenWeb name, and e-mail address. I'll gather mailing addresses later. Please send the information to me with "Theme Garden" as the subject. I need that information prior to when the sign ups closing. If I don't receive it, you will not be in the swap.

Dates for Mailing:
Please list your themes by October 4th. You can begin now. You can also begin sorting the seeds you plan to send as soon as the first person signs up, but you will not mail any to me before the week of October 5. All seeds must be received by Oct. 15th so I can begin sorting and get them remailed. I should be able to complete this by the end of October and then you will see how clever everyone was in selecting seeds to go with your themes.

How many seeds?
I don't think anyone will be extremely picky about how many seeds you place in each seed packet. Just add a reasonable number. Seeds should be no more than 2 years old (harvested in 2012 or more recently). How many packets you send is up to you. Send between 1-99. However, if you are sending 99 please realize that I may not be able to be as particular in meeting your themes - although I will try.

Ready to Trade Packets:
Seeds that are sent in should be packaged in ready-to-trade individual packets; I cannot sort bulk seeds. This will be a "one-for-one swap" - meaning you will receive one packet back for each packet you send in. However, you are almost certain to get some extras! Unless what you are sending are "bonus seeds" (seeds beyond the number you wish to receive in return) - please limit any particular variety of seeds to no more than10 packets of one variety - and remember, every packet you send should match up with someone's theme. If Candy Cane Zinnias only match the theme for 2 people, do not send 10 packets of them. All types of plant seeds (flowers, vegetables, herbs, and shrubs) are welcome. If you only want vegetable seeds or only want flower seeds, you will let me know and I will honor that to the best of my ability based on what is sent in.

What about those who are new to gardening?
Join in anyway! You can always buy a few packets of seeds and mail those so you can participate. Seeds that are sent can be from your own garden (accurately labeled), from trading, or commercial.

U.S. residents only so there is no problem with seeds traveling through customs.

Let's start the fun!

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