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OT......What happened to thank you notes ?????

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

A friend recently noted that she had hand woven the most beautiful baby blanket for an acquaintance and had given much thought to finding the perfect gift box and even included a special plush bunny for the baby. She found the perfect card and sent the package.

Three weeks have gone by and she has heard not one word about this wonderful gift. She has verification that the package was delivered safely by UPS.

So......we wonder......has the practice of actually acknowledging a gift and writing a thank you note gone out of style? If a person cannot bring themselves to write a note, can not they at least make a phone call to express their appreciation ?

When I was in grade school I can remember lessons in which we learned the art of bread and butter notes and how to properly thank someone in writing.

Have the social graces , like so many other civilities, gone by the by ?

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