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Perennials for N/W facing front gardens in Zone 5/6

This is our "new to us" home. I think it's a Garrison Colonial? We'll be moving in mid-Aug. Front of house faces N/W. We'll be adding a stone/paver walkway mid-way down driveway that will hug the existing L garden and end centered on the double front doors. We plan to prune, relocate and/or clear out most of the shrubs/trees to open it up ~ it has a lovely large patio across the front of the house. While I love hostas for their versatility, lushness and ease of care, any other suggestions for perennials - especially ones that will keep some interest to the front of house during our snowy Canadian winters? We're in Zone 5 (USDA) or Zone 6 (Canada). Thank in advance!

(BTW, eventually plan to beef up the columns, lose the upper "shudders" if I can convince DH LOL, replace smallish lights on either side of garage, replace garage door to one with windows across top, etc.)

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