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How can improve this house's curb appeal with plants?

last month

This grand old historic home is located in south eastern Canada, and is going to have major renovations done in a couple of years. In the meantime, we are sprucing it up to make it more appealing for monthly rental.

The railings and stairs will be fixed this Spring, and we are cleaning up the yard of debris, fallen branches and rotting logs. I am looking for ideas to improve its curb appeal with plants. The front porch has two shabby planters that we want to change. There is also a huge rose bush that we will cut down as it is a safety hazard, being so close to the stairs. I am thinking of replacing this with two bushes on either side, ideally safe around pets and children. There are day lilies in the garden beds near the trellis, and I will plant some Heavenly Blue morning glories to climb on the trellises.

The house is situated across the road from a lake and there is a marsh, a pond and a basin in the front yard. It is surrounded by forest and mountains.

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