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Curbless shower--why do if bathroom isn't big enough for wheelchair

2 years ago

We're about to re-do a main floor bathroom in a townhouse. It's the typical 40 year old design--small bathroom (probably 5 x 8) with a tub across the wall opposite the door, and a 40" vanity next to a toilet on the longer wall perpendicular to the tub. There is a concrete foundation under the room.

We're replacing the tub with a shower. Initially I was intrigued by the idea of making this a curbless shower so we could be pro-active about use as we age (which is getting much much closer every day). But, I know doing curbless means more money because the concrete has to be chipped out to be lowered. And, as I think about it, the room really isn't large enough for a wheelchair anyway so we'd have to walk to get into the room. And, in reality, I'd assume if someone has to walk into the room that person would also be able to step over the typical 3" curb for a shower.

Are there any reasons to create a curbless shower if the entire room can't be full-fledged handicapped accessible?

Your thoughts? Thanks.

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