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Layout for hall bathroom

7 years ago

We are planning a kitchen remodel and if budget permits, we will do the hall bathroom at the same time. I'd like to have plans far enough along that our contractor can give us a bid when we meet with him after the holidays.

We have a small house with small bathrooms. There is no way to expand the footprint of this bathroom, except to encroach on the existing linen closet. I'm loathe to do that as this house really lacks storage already. But if it would be a big improvement in the bathroom, I would consider it. There is a window on wall opposite the door into the room. I didn't show it on the plan because it will need to be replaced and I want to talk with our contractor about whether to replace it with a similar window or with an operable celestory above the tiled part of the shower. I'd prefer to leave it where it is because that suits the exterior of the house the best.

The plan below shows a wall hung toilet on the wall of the linen closet. I would plan to use those six inches that are required for the concealed toilet tank above the toilet as recessed storage space.

The vanity is just 18 inches deep and probably would realistically be around 32 inches wide (thought the plan shows 36) to fit next to the shower.

The shower is fairly spacious at 74 x 36. (Our other bathroom has a bathtub so I'm okay with losing the tub in this bathroom.) The line between the shower and vanity represents a wall. I am thinking a tiled wall up to about shoulder height with glass above that. The shower head would be at that end of the shower, on the same wall as the vanity.

This bathroom was last remodeled in the 1960s and while everything is curently functional, some of the finishes are looking quite worn. In addition to re-freshing things, we'd like to make this bathroom somewhat more accessible. We currently have no need for that, but plan to stay in the house long term. I think the space is too small for true ADA accessibility, but I'm hoping to improve the situation somewhat.

Accordingly, we are considering a curbless shower. I would like a vanity with as much storage as possible because this is the bathroom our eleven year old and four year old use. I'm assuming that if we tile behind the vanity and beneath it, we can remove it in favor of a wall mount sink if that is ever necessary. I will talk to our contractor about widening the hall doorway as much as possible. I don't know that we can get all the way up to 36 inches, but maybe we can eke it out to 33 or so. I plan to install a couple of grab bars in the shower and one next to the toilet.

Any thoughts on the layout or other aspects of this possible remodel would be appreciated!

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