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Can you create an online mall?

l pinkmountain
3 years ago

Jo's post reminded me that even before the pandemic, I was trying to be a more conscious consumer. The retail options in my home town have dwindled down to almost nil so most of my shopping is online. I don't much like it, but that's the new world. I've been trying to make a point of if I have to buy online, buying from small to medium sized businesses or businesses that offer quality customer service and high quality items. So not just Amazon as a default. Plus lately I am surprised by the lack of selection that comes up with the search engine at Amazon. So I'm back to buying books from Barnes and Noble, clothes from clothing shops, bedding from bedding places, cosmetics from the cosmetics store, etc. All with an eye towards quality. When I do find a good online business, i bookmark it or file away the receipt but I don't always remember if it is a place I don't frequent. Wondering if there is a Web site or app that allows you to create a kind of "virtual mall" with saved icons showing up of your favorite businesses that you could scroll through and maybe even some automatic ordering. I know many of the web sites already do that, but I'm thinking of something like a "Zoom" of online links that I know I like, that I could scroll through like one might stroll the mall, or a directory so I could go directly to "Women's Wear" or "Accessories" etc. Anyone do or have something like that?

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