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Roses you've had that you miss the most.

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I think I'll stir the pot a bit here, the inquiry about Golden Buddha started me thinking. Which rose that you have had in the past do you miss the most, and are you trying to find another one? Myself, my answer comes in three parts.

1)-The rose I miss the most that I will probably find again. In my case, it is Geranium Red (which is also my alltime favorite rose), though Unconditional Love is a close second. Both I originally got at Rogue Valley roses, lost them when I moved, and they have been mostly or completely out of stock since. All I have to do is order quickly when I get my notice that they are back in stock.

Geranium Red

Unconditional Love

2)The rose I miss the most that I might have a chance to get again...Duplex. I got mine originally from Vintage Gardens, and was able to successfully give mine to a friend when I moved. Now, I'm just hoping someday she will be able to propagate it, since it's way to large to move now, and it doesn't appear to be in commerce anywhere.

Duplex (this happens to be my favorite rose picture, had it as the background on my computer)

3)The rose I will probably never get again..Duftendes Weisskirchen. It isn't in commerce anywhere anymore, and it probably isn't famous enough for anybody to trouble themselves to find and re-introduce it. It was lovely and had the most unique fragrance of any rose I have had--a strong fragrance too, and one of my favorite. I had my chance though, to be fair--lost one in the move, and its replacement in a drought before it was properly established. I'll always remember you and your lovely fragrance, Duftendes Weisskirchen....

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