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State vs Bradford White electric hot water heater?

Whittney Davis
3 years ago

Hello. My hot water heater has been approved for replacement through my home warranty company.

My current unit is a BW that is 16" in diameter.

The plumbing company said they install either State or Bradford White (the BW is an upcharge). I asked them for the amount of the upcharge but they said that the BW won't fit so I have to go with the State.

My WH is in a 24"x24" closet. She said the BW are 20"-22" in diameter and will not leave enough clearance between the wall for piping. I called BW and it is 20". The State is 19" in diameter. Is 1 inch really that much of a difference?

I heard BW is better than State. Should I push the issue and ask them to confirm the size with BW and that it won't fit? None of the other plumbers I called for quotes had an issue with installing the 20" BW. I'm not sure how much the upgrade charge would be for the BW.

Thank you for any help.

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