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Electric vs Gas Tankless Water Heaters

8 years ago


I'm building a new home. Will be roughtly 5800 sq ft with 4.5 baths and located in upstate South Carolina. I'm also installing a 20kw solar array which will be grid tied. I was planning to have 400 amp service to the house. My builder is encouraging me to do a tankless water heater, but he is recommending that I do gas instead of electric. He says that the electric ones don't have the same capacity as the gas ones, so is worried that if I go electric, it wouldn't be able to keep hot water going if I had multiple showers, dishwasher, etc.

My preference would be electric as I'd like to take advantage of the solar. A 20kw array might not be generating enough electricity to cover the needs of the house, even if I opted for a gas tankless, but I'm not opposed to adding more solar later if I can be self sufficient.

Can anyone let me know if my builder is correct about the gas units having more capacity than the electric? Anything else I should consider? I could revert back to a tanked water heater and I'm assuming I can get those in electric if I'm bent on not using gas for water heat.


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