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Window Selection and Install Question

last month

Hello Pros. I am seeking some advice on what would be the best installation method for new windows on the rear of our house that has a northeast exposure and is mainly in the shade. It seems likely that we might have some carpenter ant damage because ants came out of the upper floor window this past fall while spraying the house with water. We have hired an exterminating company and hope to get this taken care of ASAP. We have older siding in the back of our 25 year old home and I recently found out that it is discontinued. Getting new siding at this time is not in our budget. We have a few pieces of extra siding from hail damage repair we had a few years ago, but it is limited.

We are in the Midwest and are looking to get mid-priced windows. I would like to get windows that are structurally sound, but I am not particularly concerned about the thermal properties since our utility bills are fairly low and we are considering selling and downsizing in 3-5 years. We currently have double hung windows, but are considering single hung replacements in the back to save some money because we do not use the double hung tilt feature (we hire someone to clean the windows from the outside). Also of note is that we almost never open the windows due to severe allergies.

The front of our house gets the extreme weather and we replaced those windows 8 years ago with Simonton 5500 with Supercept spacer, double strength glass, and selected features to get a low SPHG since the sun beats down on the front of the house. I have only read bad reviews on Simonton since they were bought-out and have difficulty finding anyone to install this brand in this area. So we are looking for a different brand of window with different features suited to the rear of our home.

My main concern is getting a proper install as I am worried about the possibility of carpenter ant damage. I would be open to putting some kind of trim around the windows. We have cedar trim under the second story overhang and other parts of the house as well and could possibly do that around the windows if needed. I would really appreciate some guidance regarding installation method in the rear area of our home, and if anyone has recommendations on window brands/ specs for this side of the home that would be great also.

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