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Electric Hot Water Heater Monthly Kilowatt usage

14 years ago

I am trying to find out what my monthly Electric Hot Water Heater Kilowatt usage is....

I have a Whirlpool (made by American Water Heater) 50 Gallon water heater.

My electric company says the water heater can cost anywhere from $75-$90 a month.

That sounds really really high to me.

I know it may be tough to give an accurate number because of all the variables.....but if anyone has a ballpark figure that would be great.

Additional info:

Unit is 4 years old

50 Gallon

Temperature is set at approximately 120 degrees

Whirlpool brand (Purchased at Lowes)

Water heater is wrapped with an insulation blanket

Household has 2 adults, 1 2-year-old

No one home during the day

2 showers, 1 bath per day

Most laundry done with cold or warm water

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut



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