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Replacing electric hot water heater - should I go hybrid?

9 years ago

Hi all -

Recently, the 16 year old 50-gallon hot water heater in our summerhouse has started leaking and I think it's time to replace it. We got a quote from a local plumber to replace it with a similar tank. However, I've been reading about these "hybrid" hot water heaters and am wondering if it might make sense to use one of those.

Here are some details:
The house is in Long Island, NY - hot summers, cold winters. We use the house all the time in the summer and only rarely in the fall-winter-spring. We have electric baseboard heaters, electric stove, etc. No gas or oil in the house at all. The hot water heater is in the basement. When we leave at the end of the season we generally drain the outdoor shower, close the main water valve, and shut off the electric pump which pulls our water from a well. Our current hot water heater (as well as the one that the plumber is proposing to replace it with) has no thermostat and heats the water to the same temperature all winter long, even though we are not there.
Also good to know: we are a family of four, including two teenagers who sometimes take very long showers.

Any recommendations for what to install would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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