Step kids driving me crazy

Julia Siewe

During this covid 19 pandemic my parnter, his 4 children (6,8,10,12) and I are stuck in this house together. I am starting to resent all of them. How do we solve different opinions in how to raise them?

I can’t sleep at night, because they’re allowed to be up until 2:30am, and theyre making so much noise. 😛🤸🏼‍♀️🎭 Then they sleep in, until 1pm. I need to wake up at 6am to work. I completely disagree with this bed time and haven’t slept well in 9 days. The sleep deprivation has me on edge. 😦😴

His 6 year old son broke my phone screen out of carelessness. I didn’t say anything to ensure I am not overstepping, in hope my partner would handle the situation. He hugged him and said “It’s okay buddy”. I am not for harsh punishment, especially because it was an accident, but shouldnt there be some type of consequence or lesson? I now hardly see what I am tying because of my cracked screen. 📱😭

On the same day the 6 year old broke a glass and in attempt to hide it, he piled stuff on top of it. I went to clean it up and stepped right into the glass. I was bleeding like crazy, but again no consequence. my partner said it’s just blood... I was about to flip. 🤯 🩸 🤕

Am I being to sensitive? My partner says they are kids and it’s normal. I don’t have kids of my own yet, which he constantly brings up, so maybe I am overreacting. Any advice?

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I don't believe you are over reacting.Your partner is an ass and now you're seeing his true colours. You are clearly not even on the priority list. Yes, kids do do things like that, but then they have some sort of consequence that demonstrates such behaviour is best not repeated. Otherwise they keep doing things they shouldn't.

(Yes, I am a parent. Yes, I raised a successful child. Yes, I taught her what good behaviour is and required it from her. Yes, she had consequences- they don't have to involve physical violence not be unduly punitive. But they need to get the point across that good behaviour is preferable to the consequence.)

Is your partner paying for the repair to your phone? He'd better be. Why are these children not going to bed and getting up at a reasonable hour, especially considering that their poor behaviour is impacting on (one of? the only?) breadwinner? Are they being home schooled? Who does that?

To be honest, as soon as possible I would be moving on from this jerk and his indulged kids. It won't get any better, because your partner thinks things are fine as they are.

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Kim Aves

Yep, dad needs to parent. If he can't parent, it shouldn't be on your shoulders at all. He's teaching his child that your concerns or your property doesn't matter at all. He breaks something and gets a hug. That is like patting a dog on the head for biting someone. Young kids learn pretty much the same way. What is rewarded, they'll repeat.

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