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Bio mom is driving me crazy

15 years ago

Im gonna say SORRY before I even get started, it seems is that all I do is vent... I think Im going crazy... I wonder if i have made a huge mistake in even getting married (yes I love my husband but his ex is driving me crazy)

ss comes to our house 50% of the time they have joint custody with each one having primary residential custody.. I say that since they have him equally that they should be on the same page with at least their sons school work, but mom says she will do what she wants and he can do what he wants..

Heres the problem

ss says these things WITHOUT US BRINGING THEM UP!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy doesnt give me a bath oops sorry shower because her tub is so filled with crap they have to us the shower...

mommy doesnt give me my medicine

or make me read or do my homework

and she Bio mom says that when daddy asks you just lie and say us

Well DH called her out on it and she fessed up saying he doesnt need a shower everyday (hes 6 and plays at school all day ) her dad and boyfriend smoke in the house they dont clean (from what I hear) and SS has asthma

I was going to call dcf but DH's attorney said to wait until they go to the specialist on Tuesday for their son..

since the appointments are about hour away she has decieded to pick him up from school and skip soccer practice and go to a hotel. I know why shes going to a hotel because she doesnt want ss to smell like cig smoke so she can lie to the doctor...

my ex and I can along for our kids.. I just dont get why do people lie..

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