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Help reconfiguring laundry/closet/master bath

3 years ago

We are rebuilding our home after a fire. We’re using the existing foundation but rearranging the floor plan a little bit by moving the master bedroom to the back of the house.

I would like to have a laundry tub in my laundry room again. Is there a way to fit one? (I thought about a stackable washer/dryer to free up space but I really, really prefer top load machines.)

I would like that hallway closet to be about twice the size shown. Can the master bath be reconfigured to take the back part of the shower for the closet? The builder thought we should leave it as it is and suggested putting hooks or cubbies on the long wall in the hallway but that seemed a little tight to me. I think the hallway is 41 inches. I can’t really read my architect’s writing!

I’m sure I can be happy with this, as-is. But if I can figure out a way, I’d like to change it. My old laundry room was about 13 x 7-8 and had a wall with 14 hooks on it for all of our jackets/coats. We are a family of 7.

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