Laundry, Master bath, and Master closet renovation - Input requested

3 years ago

Hi houzzers,

I am trying to decide on a floorpan for our 2nd floor renovation.

What we are doing:

1. Adding a full bathroom to one bedroom

2. Adding a second floor laundry room

3. Enlarging the master bath

4. Reconfiguring the master closet

5. Losing a bedroom to accomplish the above

What I would like to accomplish:

1. Keep the rear bedroom (for some reason I am partial to bedrooms being in the back of the house, although I live on a private this a big deal?)

2. Include a window in the laundry room (for me it's important since I will be doing the laundry)

3. Avoid changing the exterior of the front of the house to avoid the additional cost

4. Have a large enough bathroom for a large shower with bench +/- bath tub

5. Keep as much closet space as possible

Please see the following versions:

Existing vs. proposed plans (the last 2 are plans I drew up to include the existing window in the laundry room)

I would love your input on the best design option. While we hope to be here for years to come, we are keeping in mind resale value as well, and of course cost.

Thank you in advance!




PROPOSED B(v2) - laundry 8'9" x 5'; the longest part of the master closet is 4'x10'

PROPOSED B(v3) - laundry 8' x 9'9", Master closet 5' x 9'9"

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