Pantry challenge - dried banana chips

l pinkmountain

Years ago we used to do "POOF" challenges, (Pull it Out Of the Fridge") and also new recipe challenges or challenges with a particular ingredient. Thought it might be fun to start again now, since I am spending a whole lot more time than I used to trying to move ingredients into and out of both fridge and pantry. I used to cook this way back n the day, but my fridge and pantry ended up being so cluttered and my cooking time shorter, so I stopped. But now I again have time to putter in the kitchen using up ingredients, so I'm back at it!

I have a big bag of sweetened dried banana chips that I got for a "make your own trail mix" activity last summer, and I have been slowly "chipping away" at them as snacks, but they just aren't moving fast enough and are in danger of being a stale throw out candidate. Any ideas of a cookie or something else I could put them in to give away or freeze? That's the main reason I can't use them up, we try to limit our carby snacking. But if I could make something that I could give to someone else it might work.

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fawnridge (Ricky)

Throw them in the food processor and make a powder that you can add to cookies, cakes, or bread. Bake today, eat today.

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I keep thinking of banana bread. I'd think you could soak some, and adapt a recipe for less sugar and correct hydration.

You could make pudding too, and thence a custard pie.

Maybe some kind of tropical stew. Do you have any goat?

The problem is the "sweetened". That's the only savory dish I can think of for sweetened.

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Banana chips don't go stale. They are dehydrated which means they are perfectly fine, like, uh, forever. I soften some with melted butter in the micro, add to the smoothies or ice cream or whatever, even sprinkled over cold cereal or pancakes. I just put some of those into my carrot cake muffins today. Don't toss them. They are just sleeping.

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gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

I have only purchased them to enhance the dry food I fed to my pet rabbits. They loved them!!

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Wondering how they might be broken up in cookies or muffins? Too hard? Maybe crumble and soak first?

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