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Facebook Fundraiser Question

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I almost NEVER post on Facebook; I do read it pretty much every day. I am participating in a virtual fundraiser for an animal organization and really didn't know what I was doing on Facebook when I created it. Yes, I should've learned more first -- drat.

So - it's there on my wall and I know that a couple of people saw it because they donated. However, there are many of my friends who I know for sure would donate but haven't. I haven't asked them yet if they saw it; I will if nothing in the next couple of days.

But - my question to you is whether I can "promote it" again .... not repost, but energize it, so to speak, so that it shows on more people's feeds. You know how, on this forum for example, when someone responds to a post the post moves toward the top?

It seems that my fundraiser somehow didn't get visibility or has sunk to many pages back. I only did it 2 days ago.

And yes, I'm certain of at least 5--10 of my friends would gladly donate.

Thanks for any advice.

ETA: there is a "Donate" button on the post so there's no question of not knowing how to do so.

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