Entryway for farmhouse open floorplan

We live in a New England Farmhouse, build in 1900. The home is extremely "open" so we have to use furniture to create rooms - something my wife and I are not extremely confident in. We tend to have a "modern farmhouse" decor style - but we aren't strict about it. We're both relatively handy, so we're more than willing to build/create something.

About the space:

  • Our entryway walks right into the dining area (off of the kitchen).
  • The doorway immediately to the left of the entrance is the only first floor bathroom.
  • There is a storage closet (short dark wooden door) and stairway landing as you walk into the dining room.

We'd love to create an entryway/foyer that does the following:

  • Rug for stomping your feet and leading you into the home.
  • Is there anything we can do entryway wise to the left of the bathroom door or to the right of the smaller dark closet door? Perhaps a mirror/console table to have a place to put your things down?
  • All other ideas/thoughts are welcome. I've attached some pictures to help visualize. Thank you!

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