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What's your take on the flour shortage?

l pinkmountain
2 years ago

While I can understand people stocking up on flour, I'm not sure that explains the whole story of flour shortages. My educated guess would be they may be reserving some wheat to hedge against possible poor crop this year. Also much wheat sold on international market, not just here in US. To that end, the only flour available this week in my local store was King Arthur, an American owned and employed company. I've looked for news stories about the flour shortage and it is always the same thing, "Manufacturers say the supply is good and they are doing all they can." Not sure it is the whole story. Time will tell. We are OK for now so no sense worrying but ideally I could do some home baking while I'm stuck here but it is what it is. Wonder if anyone out there is more knowledgeable than me on the economics of flour and wheat. I recall American farmers being pretty ticked off in the 80's when we embargoed wheat sales to the USSR due to Afghanistan war. Geez, what goes around comes around?

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