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Can you use Duralseal stain under Bona HD seal?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi, everyone!!!!

Time has finally come!!!

We are finally reaching the hardwood staining phase of our new construction.

Super excited but don’t want to mess up. We upgrades to white oak and I HATE to mess it up.

I like Duraseal stain colors better than Bona.

Question #1 - is it Ok to use Duraseal stain and coat with Bona HD seal?

Question #2 - I understand with white oak you have to apply sealant BEFORE you stain your floor? So how does it work? Sand, then put sealant on (Bona?) and stain and seal AGAIN?

Question #3 - below are some stain colors that I like in Duraseal-Minwax. What Bona stain color combo can replicate the looks?

Thank you so much to all you experts!!!!! :))))

White Oak: 50/50 Minwax Weathered Oak and Classic Gray

Minwax 2 Parts Weathered Oak and 1 Part Country White

2 parts Early American and 1 part Classic Gray custom mix. Done in a satin water-based finish.

2 Parts Minwax Weathered Grey / 1 Part Minwax Country White

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