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Using stain with Bona ClassicSeal

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

So I've started refinishing my oak floors and made a mistake. I sanded the floors, applied Verathane Classic Penetrating Wood Stain, then a coat of Bona ClassicSeal, followed by three coats of Bona Mega One. I was under the impression that the ClassicSeal could go over the stain as long as it dried completely. We gave the floors over 4 days to dry before putting the sealer on.

I'm writing this because while the floors look great, they seem to be too soft. It's been over 3 weeks so it should be completely cured, and I noticed that when I accidentally had a piece of wood fall off a chair it made a spot in the poly where it looked like it had separated from the floor. That seemed like it shouldn't happen, so I tested it with my fingernail and I can get the poly to peal off the stain (assuming the sealer is pulling off too) if I pick at it with a little effort.

I called the Bona help line and they said that they don't ever recommend putting ClassicSeal over any sort of stain, so that was the mistake.

So, my question is twofold. How bad of a mistake is this...i.e. should I plan on redoing the floors? And secondly, in the future would it be best to just skip the Classicseal and put the Bona Mega One right on top of the Verathane after giving it plenty of time to dry?

Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts.

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