broom closet built as a too small cabinet - what would you do?

last year

Hi everyone,

As part of our renovation, we expanded our mudroom and had custom cubbies built with the idea of maximizing cubby space, but that there would still be a broom closet on one side of them. Unfortunately, when the custom piece was installed (it was built off site and then installed), it was a too small cabinet on the end, not a broom closet.

As built, the piece had a cabinet with a 12" opening (exactly the width of my vacuum) and a bottom on the cabinet that brought it about 2" up off the floor. I could not even get my vacuum into it and had a bit of a flip out with my contractor (the piece was subcontracted though).

I note a few things:

* I had discussed the broom closet with my contractor several times. He clearly knew I wanted a vacuum to fit into it, as twice he asked if I wanted an outlet in the closet for charging (I did not.)

* I asked for a sketch but never received on

* I have gotten along with my contractor very well and they have helped me out with a few solutions and cost savings during this process. (Not that everything has been smooth sailing, but better than what you often hear.)

* After some discussion, it seemed that my options were to have them rip out the whole thing and start over, or take off a frame face from the cabinet and remove the bottom of it, giving another bit of width and taking it to the floor.

*Hoping it could work and not have to rip out what is otherwise a great piece of work, I tried the slight widening of the cabinet. That was just done today. As you can see in the pictures, my vacuum does now fit into it. But just barely. There really isn't room for anything else. You know, like a broom. Or mop, dust pan, etc. It still pains me to think about ripping the whole thing out (and not exactly sure at whose cost), but I think I will regret trying to live with this narrow cabinet as a broom closet.

There is a coat closet in the mudroom as well, but I would prefer to have it for coats and not vacuums and brooms, but I suppose that is an option. Any other ideas for a solution? What would you do - leave it as is, rip it out and have them build it again with a wider closet, adjust it somehow in another way? Thanks for your ideas and feedback.

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