Can you help me 'design' a broom closet?

8 years ago

Folks, I'm drowning here. We moved from an older house with large closets and a dry, safe basement, to a smaller house with a microscopic closets and a basement that has had two water issues, and feels damp. There's very little I'd feel confident storing there...if there was room to store anything.

I am going to share some horrible photos of when we first moved in, along with measurements of the 'broom closet' we're having built in a corner of the living room.

I'm going to try to focus on just this one closet for now, but trust me, the items I have earmarked for this closet have no place else to "live."

The closet's overall width can be 47 1/2 inches.

The depth maximum depth can be 28 inches.

The ceiling height is a couple inches short of 8 feet.

The closet will be on the south wall of the sitting room/TV room/family area just off the kitchen.

The wall has one-off center window that cannot be moved. It will eventually be replaced with a new, but same sized window.

From right to left, you see a 19" space from the right corner to the window, then the 57" window, the 19" marked off to the left of the window, and the 47 1/2" marked off for the closet.

I want the highest part inside the closet to hold the two leaves for our dining table. They are each 12" wide, 39" long, and 5" deep. I'd like to have full length shelves to either hold them side-by-side, or one narrow shelf for each leaf. I'll need to be able to get them in and out of the closet doors. Because of the apron sections on them, they cannot be stacked. Each will have to lay flat on the upper side.

Below those shelves, I'd like a deeper shelf for tableclothes with a hanging bar below it.

I want to store my pressure canner, pressure cooker, Food Saver, etc on this shelf. I also want to store an upright vacuum, broom, mop, cleaning tools and cloths, my stand mixer and food processor, and their attachments, and possibly serving trays in the closet.

If anyone can offer suggestions, rough sketches, any ideas at all, I'll be forever grateful.

I have painted the ceiling and removed the baseboards. I'm preparing to paint now and then touch up after the closet is built.

To the right of the closet will be a long storage bench that will go from the right of the closet to the left wall. There will be a cabinet unit that fits on either side of the window. They will be 18" wide and will go from the bench to the ceiling.

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