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Help me pick the right size for my chandelier

my db
3 years ago

I've scoured the internet, but I can't seem to find the answers to my questions re: appropriate sizing for the unique dimensions in my dining area. I'm hoping someone with lighting expertise and/or someone with a similar issue can help me.

The ceiling from the front to back of my house (currently being built) has 16' high ceilings. This includes the foyer and the dining area. The kitchen to the right of the dining area has a 9' ceiling. The great room to the left has a vaulted ceiling. I'll attach the plan below.

Some important facts:

  • My dining table is a harvest table, 35" wide by 8' long. The short end will face the sliding door.
  • There are no potlights in the dining area or foyer (but plenty in the kitchen and great room)
  • The sliding doors behind the table are 8' tall.
  • There is a clear view from the foyer through the dining area
  • I would like an unobstructed view from the kitchen to the great room (I have a fireplace at the end of the great room, with some great art planned for above it).
  • There are matching windows above the sliding doors and in the foyer (please see the attached picture and attached plan for details). Since the outdoor porch is covered, this will provide additional natural light into the house. As you can see, there is approximately 5' of space above the sliding doors (which is mirrored above the entry door in the foyer).
  • Note: the closet in the foyer which shows on the plan was taken out.

Here are my questions:

1. How big can I go with the chandelier above the table? I've attached the chandelier I plan to use - it is available in two widths: 40.25" and 28.25" (heights are roughly similar - see pictures below). I know the current wisdom is to size the fixture at 2/3rds the width of the table, but I'm concerned that with the height of the room this may look too small. In addition to this:

2. Can I hang the chandelier higher than "the norm" (i.e. 30-36" above the table). My reasoning: I'd like to keep an unobstructed view from kitchen to great room. Plus, I'm thinking that placing the chandelier in front of the 5' wall expanse will looking better than having it placed partially in front of the wall and partially in front of the sliding doors (when viewed from the foyer). Both sizes put out quite a bit of light, so I think the lighting for the room should not be an issue.

3. Last, should I use the same fixture in both the foyer and the dining area, since they line up directly with each other and they can both be seen at the same time? And if this is the case, should they both be hung at the same height? My inclination is to hang them both with the bottom rung sitting at 8' or 9' high from the floor.

In a nutshell: 1. What size chandelier should I choose? 2. What height should I hang them? 3. Should I use the same chandelier in both spaces?

(Note: my interior designer thinks the 40" fixture would look great, as does the fellow I'm working with at the lighting shop where I'm buying my fixtures. I guess my issue is that I haven't seen this done, so I'm uncertain of how it will look - it's an expensive mistake if I get it wrong! I know that oversized fixtures are all the rage right now, but is it the right solution for my space?).

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