Please help me choose the right size sofa (s) for my space

J. T.
5 years ago

We are a family of 5, and our current seating is inadequate for our needs, and also undersized for the space. I'm going to try to attach the layout with dimensions so that perhaps you can suggest what size pieces would best fit the space. We are open to sofa (s), loveseat, chair and a half, or even a sectional.

The space is part of a great room, and we are casual, easy living people. We spend most of our time in this space. It is adjacent (completely open) to the kitchen, and there is a fireplace and a tv in the space, right next to each other.

here is the fireplace wall, so what the main couch would be facing:

and this is what it looks like, although not from a straight on angle:

better angle, but before it was finished:

There is a two story picture window on the left wall out of the frame of the picture. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated!

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