Small Closet Dillema

Luna Tonks
last year

I have a small, squarish closet. It’s about 39” long and 44” wide, 8 foot ceilings with a door in the middle

Currently, it has 3 bars running from front to back for clothes - two on one side and one on the other. Because the door is in the middle of the closet, there isn’t a lot of room between the clothes bar and the wall and clothes hang sort of diagonally or get wrinkled. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to see what hanging in the back.

The closet is too small for a store bought closet organizer but it’s just not functional right now. My clothes are generally divided into three categories - suits/work clothes, gym shirts, and regular shirts.

I’ve thought about two bars going side to side with a shelf in between and using metal shelf dividers to fold shirts and the like but not sure if that’s the best option. Expanding the closet isn’t possible.

Any suggestions on making this thing more functional?

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