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Laundry Closet Too Small - Solutions? Please Help!

2 months ago

(Please disregard the mess!) We bought our first home (condo) two years ago, and finally experienced our first appliance breaking (24-year-old Hotpoint washing machine). We've decided to look for a new washer and dryer set. The only options we have that is going to fit this space is another Hotpoint/GE basic model that is (26.75 inches in depth). Most washers are around 27 inches, so not an issue. Where we are running an issue is most dryers are 28.38-30 inch in depth, and our space cannot accommodate... We would love to find 2-3 more inches of space to give us more dryer options.

The machines we currently have are 26.75 inches. Issues: There is a lip that is about 1.5-2 inches between the tile and hardwood floor; The wall to the lip of the hard wood is exactly 29 inches, but the gas line and vent take up a few inches; we don't know how else to hide the machines if we were to buy something that hangs/protrudes out onto the hardwood. The way it is right now with the gas line and vent, we can squeeze 27 inches in there.

My thoughts: Knock out the dry wall/ledge which MIGHT buy 2-3 more inches... but, that doesn't resolve the gas line, which I assume cannot move... Then there is the dryer vent that also takes up 3-4 inches of space.

My partner thinks: If the dryer comes with lifts, we lift it as high as possible and let the extra inches hang over the hardwood, or cut out a part of the hardwood floor. Take off the doors and try curtains, barn door, or some other type of bamboo curtain. *I like that the doors are flush with the wall and don't think washer and dryer taking up space in living space.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! The arguing has already begun, and this is going to be the death of our relationship (joke!). Thanks in advance!

*Washer and Dryers are behind the folding doors

*Some extra space, but vent and gas line is in the way

*Wash hookups take up less space

*Exactly 29 inches depth to the wall

*27 inches from front to gas line

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