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Full Bath to Half Bath for a nice Laundry Room & Mudroom?

4 years ago

We live in a 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom home. The third full bathroom is separated from the bedrooms, located near the second living room and next to the laundry room. The current laundry room is tiny, a burden, and the route to get to the garage.

Currently, one cannot open both doors to walk through the room and opening both doors means shuffling side to side to get out of the way of the doors. Since the appliances take up 60% of the room you must shuffle around as there's no other room for the doors to swing in and out. It's irritating as I always park my car in the garage, so this is my inlet and outlet to the house.

We were thinking to remove the unused shower from the adjacent bathroom changing it to a half bath/powder room and to use that space for a larger laundry room. It would mean moving the appliances out of the pathway and maybe adding a boot bench, hooks, and cubbies for a mudroom.

Do you believe this adds or removes value from the home?

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