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Guest House/in-law suite attached via finished or unfinished area?

Bill D
3 years ago

Hi Everyone,

My wife and I are about to embark on our journey to build our first custom home. We are looking to build a guest house that must be attached (via association rules) to the main house. I've been doing research and can see that many guest homes I'm finding are attached via a garage (in between the main house and guest house), which is what we were thinking of doing.

This led me down the path of finding out that a guest house cannot be considered as part of the overall square footage of the home, if the guest house is not connected by a "finished" area, such as a hallway. Since garages by nature are not considered "finished", it would mean that we would not be able to count this square footage in house, if it ever came time to sell.

I'd be curious to get opinions from people on the best way to work around this. Does it not matter so much that you cannot consider it in the overall square footage, and it would need to be listed as "separate" or "other". Does it make sense to build a hallway off of the garage and have it connect to make it connected by a finished area?

Just trying to get a sense of some pros and cons before deciding which direction to take.


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